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    How to attract paying customers to conduct effective marketing campaign with minimal cost and one of the best known entertainment brands? More than 100 000 partners Cards luck already know the answers to these questions. Our motto: «We earn our money when you earn»
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    Our agents are developing action in such a way as to ensure the maximum possible conversion of card holders in regular visitors to your institution.
  • We are always online
    A special Department PM (partner management) is responsible for all matters arising from our partners in the course of the campaign.
  • We care about the beautiful registration of your shares
    The developed by "Lucky Card Club" format for the presentation of information gained recognition in more than 40 countries. Research has proved that succinct texts and bright loyalty, the underlying increase visitor loyalty clubs.
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    Our subscribers solvent than ordinary visitors. This is because we initially refused to use cheap channels for attracting traffic.
  • We do not forget friends
    We look forward to continued cooperation with reliable partners. Hope it will always be mutually beneficial!
  • We provide convenient personal Cabinet
    In my office you can find not only information on all cards, but also statistics on many parameters. Thanks to the campaign, you will be able to collect information about your target audience and adjust their marketing policy
  • We simplify the activation of cards
    For the fastest Card activation of Luck we issue rfid scanners. It is enough to have the laptop connected to the Internet and our scanner to significantly speed up customer service. This in turn increases the coefficient of satisfaction with your business.